Book a table to sell your gently used fashions!

Great Closet Cleanout

Tips and Tricks to selling at the Great Closet Cleanout!


1. What are the details on set up and tear down?

Setup at the event is available starting at 8:30 am...doors open at 10am sharp.  The event ends at 2pm.  Tear down cannot start before 2pm to protect the appearance of the event.

Kelowna Ladies Closet Cleanout Oct 27th at the Laurel Packinghouse.


2. What should I bring?

To have a successful event, we recommend you bring the following items:

-a table cloth for your table, they come without coverings

-Plastic bags so people can carry away their treasures.

-A cash float.

-A small garbage can.

-A mirror.

-A small sign with the size of your clothing listed on it.

3. Will there be change rooms?

There are washrooms available for people to try on clothing, and there will be several pop up changing rooms set up. 

4. Is there a cash machine available?

There isn't one available on site, the event is advertised as a cash event. But there is one next door at the Rotary Centre for the Arts.

5. What can I do with my clothes that don't sell?

We will be arranging with a charity (Mamas for Mamas) to take all your unwanted leftover clothing. 

6. What items can I sell at this event?

At the Ladies Closet Cleanouts: any gently used ladies fashion related items  clothing, jackets, shoes, boots, hats, jewellery, accessories. 


7. Are hangers provided with the coat racks.?

No, you are required to bring your own hangers.  

8. Will there be food to purchase?

We are working on it...but there are several coffee shops near by. 

9. Can I get a refund?

Due to planning requirements, no refunds are available.  However, tables are fully transferable (business vendors need prior approval).